robotech_master's Journal

9 March 1973
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I spent most of the formative years of my life that I remember either in Jonesboro, AR (up to about 4th grade), then southwestern Missouri (Cassville, to be precise.) Attended school at SMSU for five years to get a B.S. in Mass Media, but it turned out B.S. was all it was good for, so I've gone back and am just about to finish up a Computer (aka Management) Information Systems undergrad degree.

I first discovered the Internet sometime in '92, and I've been hanging out there ever since--first on MUCKs, later USENET and mailing lists, and now journals and chats with friends. I help moderate rec.toys.transformers.moderated, and buy DVDs left and right as I can afford them. I'm into anime, especially Hayao Miyazaki.

After spending a bunch of time and effort writing for Themestream, which went under some time ago without paying me part of what it owed me, I figured I might as well find some way of keeping my writing muscles exercised. And so here I am.

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