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More job thoughts [Jun. 29th, 2017|09:16 pm]
[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]

I actually seem to be settling into this job. I still have moments of qualms and wondering if this is really what I want to be doing, and moments where I mess up and take much longer than I really should. But when I was in the moment today, the time seemed to pass pretty quickly, most people were easy to help, and most of the messes were easy to handle. The moments where I'm left wondering what to do are getting fewer and farther between. Just one more day with my preceptor at my side, and then…come Monday, I'm on my own, 11 to 8. I'll have Tuesday off for Independence Day, then three more days of 11 to 8 work for the first week. I gather they're adding another batch of temps, so I may be able to trade down to an earlier shift before too terribly long.

There are some things I really do like about this job. For one thing, the guidelines for whether I can talk to family members about the medical cases for other members of their family are much more sharply defined. If they don't have a permission form on file, or have the person available to talk to, I can't discuss the information, period. Which means a lot less uncertainty, and that's nice. Another nice thing is, I don't seem to have to do warm transfers to anyone. When I need to send someone somewhere else, I just hit the button and they're gone. No need for me to wait on hold to talk to someone. So there are a couple of big customer service annoyances out of the way.

The only thing I'm really worried about is that when I tried to reserve the days of Gen Con off, I was informed those days were already overbooked for vacation time and I had to waitlist it. I really hope I'm able to get in come that time. Still, it's a month and a half between now and then, and lots of stuff could happen. I just need to keep my attendance perfect and my job performance good.

And now I need to go try to get some sleep to be ready for my Friday.