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Fitness centering [Jun. 1st, 2017|09:19 pm]
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Well, today's training was not at all bad. It was on an older system that my department used to use, and may occasionally have to use again if the newer system goes down. A lot of people apparently still use the older system—longer-tenured reps who were trained on it and consequently prefer it to the newer one. But we're expected to use the newer one—but due to various reasons, we can't be trained on it yet. Nonetheless, getting to use this system gives us some clue about what we're expected to be doing, which makes a lot of the out-of-context stuff we were given earlier seem to make more sense.

It's pretty complex, though. I expect it'll get easier once we've done more with it, and especially once we get to train on the newer system. Nonetheless, I was struck more than once by the thought that all this stuff would probably be way beyond the grasp of Donald Trump. It gives one some warm fuzzies to consider that one is probably more competent oneself at technical matters than the President of the United States.

(Well, it does for a few minutes, anyway. Then it gives one some cold chills to consider that one is probably more competent oneself at technical matters than the President of the United States…)

Something else I did today was get registered for and orientated to use the built-in fitness center, which is right by the entrance directly under my cubicle. It's open from something like 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. weekdays, plus has some hours Saturday and Sunday. The main reason I registered was to take advantage of their blood pressure tracking program; if I can get in the habit of having my blood pressure taken and recorded every day, that will be useful to hand over to the doctor when I get the chance to see her in July. I'm not sure I can see myself taking much advantage of it right now, but once my schedule goes to 11 to 8 and I have that mandatory whole-hour of lunch, I could see myself devoting 15 minutes of it to a workout on the stair-climber or other aerobic fitness machines.

Anthem is pretty serious about promoting its employees' health. There are wellness incentives of up to $700 in insurance benefits for doing various things. I've got the $200 of it for not smoking and $100 of it for getting a flu shot in the bag. The additional $200 for losing weight or having a good BMI ratio is probably a foregone conclusion, though, and I imagine the $200 for having good blood pressure probably is, too. Still, you never know. Having a free fitness center right there might be of some use to me, anyway.

For now, time to go medicate myself into a coma and get a good night's sleep.